Corporate Overview

STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology GmbH was founded in 2010. The founding members of STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology combine more than 20 years of research & development experience in the field of molecular biology with that of clinical pathology. Moreover, long-term intensive cooperation with leading German and international oncologists broadens the scientific background of STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology. The expertise of the STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology team comprises:

  • Development of new fully-automated technologies for analyzing DNA/RNA in blood samples or formalin-fixed tumor tissues
  • Technical and bioinformatics support to identify predictive and prognostic algorithms
  • Custom design as well as technical and clinical trial validation of molecular stratifyers
  • Automated tissue and data analysis for standardized, high-throughput stratification
  • Close collaboration with clinical research organizations to perform stratified trials

The intense cooperation between molecular biologists, pathologists, and oncologists allows for a straightforward clinical practice-oriented development of new molecular testing systems as well as sophisticated histopathological assessment on basis of classical and modern technologies. This interdisciplinary approach permits high precision screening of large patient cohorts for prospective trials. Members of STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology received several awards and distinctions for their innovations and improvements in oncology. The molecular technologies have already been exploited for multiple years to enable in-depth genomic research accompanying large clinical trials. Close collaborations have been established with competence centers for cancer therapies as well as pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to explore novel biomarkers while focusing on molecular precision of marker detection.