Products – RUO Kits

STRATIFYER has developed standardized RT-qPCR RUO Kits for robust and objective target gene expression and molecular subtyping of diverse tumor indications.

The PCR kits have been validated for technical paramters and compared with current gold standards such as semiquantitative immunehistochemical estimations. The CheckPoint Typer quantifies the target gene expression of PD1/PDL1 for objective assessment of immune cell infiltration. The EpiTyper quantifies the differential expression of distinct keratins to enable molecular subtyping of bladder cancer.


STRATIFYER has developed fundamentally new reagents  for the optimized extraction of RNA, miRNA and/or DNA from blood and tissue samples. As part of the XTRAKT kits, the proprietary "MagiX Beads" have been designed to overcome the limitations of previous extraction reagents by applying unique chemistry features and are accompanied by analyte specific buffer systems.


Compared to conventional extraction technologies a 4fold higher RNA and DNA yield can be achieved. The XTRAKT kits enable the molecular analysis of minimal tissue amounts from tiny tissue biospies or tumor subregions. This is of particular interest in breast cancer diagnostics, where the exact determination of molecular subtypes is of fundamental importance, while the expression of hormone and HER2 receptors may differ between invasive and non-invasive tumor subregions.


Here you find the Manual for XTRAKT FFPE Kit.

The XTRAKT kits can be used for both manual and automated extraction of nucleic acids and are currently available for Research Use Only Purposes.

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