Products – Automation

STRATIFYER has developed numerous solutions for fully automated extraction of nucleic acids from tissue samples or blood samples. The platforms offer optimized protocols for extraction of RNA, miRNA or DNA from 2 to 48 Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded tissue samples (= FFPE) within 4 hours without prior manual deparaffinization steps. The XPAND module enables to further increase the sample throughput by 2 to 3 fold on the XTRAKT systems enabling customer oriented throughput of 2 to 192 samples per single run.

Key features of the three XTRAKT platforms are the analyte-specific protocols and the flexible sample throughput. The easy-to-use software package facilitates development of own protocol adoptions. Its intuitive user interface and the 3D view of the instrument enables in-silico simulation runs. This permits "offline" tests of new protocol developments on independent computers. Thereby the capacities of the XTRAKT systems are not affected when developing new protocol improvements. The XTRAKT robots are produced according to EN ISO13485 & EN ISO 9001 and support FDA CFR 21 part11.



Fully automated extraction platform for routine usage and variable sample throughput of 2 to 32 samples within 4 hours. Flexible leasing options with low initial investment predestine this platform for pathological institutes with low to medium sample throughput.



Fully automated extraction platform for routine usage and medium sample throughput of 8 to 48 samples within 4 hours. 
Stacking options of the protocols permit to increase the throughput further. Specific biobanking solutions and pipetting of subsequent assay formats are possible. 

Fully automated extraction platform for research usage and high sample throughput of 8 to 192 samples per single run. T
he XPAND module permits this unique increase of sample throughput. Comprehensive biobanking options are possible according to individual customer needs.

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